Capture it all, even in the dark.


The first interactive, night vision cam that catches it all.





Interactive 360° Video

The moment you turn on your 360 Ghost Cam it is watching everything. View LIVE video through a mobile app on your phone or tablet and interact with the video. You can pan around the video as if you were right there with the cam. With a virtual reality headset you can even step right into the environment and look around.




























Full Spectrum Night Vision (with light)

Record it all in stunning full spectrum 4K HD video. This special model has a full spectrum lens system to see infrared, ultraviolet and visible light for superior night vision capability. Use this cam with a 360 IR light and you will be able to see everything - even in the dark. As with all cameras a proper light source is required for effective night vision.



Combine with 360 Puck Modules

This 360 Ghost Cam can be used on its own or locked into other 360 Puck modules. Together these modules become a central system to capture quality video without missing a thing. They attach together using a simple snap-and-turn lock.


Note: 360 IR Puck is highly suggested for dark environments to provide proper support.



Apps for Mobile and Desktop

Using the awesome 360fly mobile app turns your smartphone into your camera’s viewfinder giving you the power to view and share 360° and standard POV video directly. The desktop Director version gives you even more power right on your computer.




One Lens. No Stitching.

The 360 Ghost Cam utilizes the amazing technology of 360fly that sees it all with one lens. This means no complicated software is involved to create stiching and seems which can cause false evidence. What this means for your investigation the assurance of pure visual evidence.





  • 360° video with one lens and no stitching
  • High quality 4K video
  • Night vision model in full spectrum
  • Use with the 360 IR Puck for night vision
  • Virtual reality features
  • Interactive, WiFi stream to phone or tablet
  • Upload 360° online for sharing
  • One-touch recording for ease of use
  • Attaches to all 360 Puck modules




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Night Vision 360 Camera



  • This is a CUSTOM model manufactured for full spectrum night vision
  • Rechargeable battery or plug in power for extended use
  • 16MP photos and POV front-facing video mode
  • One button for easy and quick operation
  • Use mobile app for remote control, settings and viewing
  • Stereo audio recording
  • Built in 64gb storage for 4-5 hours of 4K video
  • Unlimited power during recording while using base
  • Rechargeable battery lasts 14 hours in standby and 1.5 hours recording
  • App supports iPhone and most Android (iOS 9+, Android 4.4+)
  • Desktop app supports Mac OS 10.8+ and Windows 7+


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